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At Curiositoys™, we’ve seen that when children are inspired, anything can happen!  Every Curiositoys™ toy is designed to spark the boundless creativity and imaginative play that are essential for healthy child development.   Our award-winning, expert-designed toys encourage kids to create stories, make connections, and explore their sense of self.

Imagine. Make. Believe! 


What the Experts Say

Curiositoys™ is uniquely recognized for its commitment to innovation, quality, creativity, and environmental responsibility. Learn more about how we strive to make a difference! 

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It’s About Abstract Creative Play

Educators and experts agree: Abstract forms spark kids’ creativity and imagination.  The abstract three-dimensional shapes and open, white spaces of Curiositoys™ promotes open-ended play and creativity, which fosters the development of self-expression, executive skills and self-confidence. This way that children play with our unique toys is what we call "Abstract Creative Play".

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